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Leotards with Rhinestones

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This tank leotard comes in three different colours, all featuring sparkly rhinestones. 

Material: Acrylic, Polyester

Please note, that sizing varies between countries. Please, always go by measurements. 

Size                     Bust                         Waist                    Length               Height

4-5 Years        51.81cm/20.4"      41.98cm/16.53"      47cm/18.50"         105-115cm
6-7 Years        53.97cm/21.25"    43.99cm/17.32"      50cm/19.68"         115-125cm   
8-9 Years        55.98cm/22.04"    45.99cm/18.11"      53cm/20.86"         125-135cm
10-11Years    57.98cm/22.83"    47.98cm/18.89"      56cm/22.04"         135-145cm
12-13 Years    63.75cm/25.1"      51.99cm/20.47"      58cm/22.83"         145-155cm
14-15 Years    68cm/26.77"         56cm/22.0"             62cm/24.4"           155-165cm